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Peer Tutoring Program

22 Mar 2021

Peer Tutoring Program 2021

The program is designed to aid students that either feel as if they are having difficulty with Mathematics or would benefit from an older mentor. The tutors have been selected based on their demonstrated ability in Mathematics, as well as their enthusiasm for contributing to the school community and assisting others. The tutors have been trained in providing academic support and will be supervised by a Mathematics teacher at all times.

The support will not be restricted to Mathematics tutoring, however, with a focus on planning and organisation. Tutors will be trained to plan and mange homework, assessment preparation and other general mentoring aspects. The tutors will be trained to assist students across other faculty areas as well as enhancing general literacy and numeracy skills.


The Peer Tutoring Program applies to grades 7 to 10 and will commence from Week 1, Term 2. Your child/guardian will need to register (return the slip to Mr Wade in the Mathematics staffroom) by the 31st March and will be paired with a tutor who will also act as a mentor to assist in organisation, study and planning.

Every Friday Break 2 your child can meet with their tutor in the Library. A light snack and the study materials will be provided by the school.