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OnTrack Program

Our rapidly changing world relies on education to deliver meaning to learning and connections to life beyond school

OnTrack is a program that has been designed to support Year 10 students as they transition from high school and into the workforce. OnTrack does this by engaging students in real world experiences that aim to identify a clear purpose to education with genuine connections to post school pathways. 

Students enrolled in the OnTrack program predominantly work with one teacher who supports them in meeting their ROSA requirements while learning industry based skills. Students participate in core Stage 5 curriculum courses while engaging in a vocational program that teaches them the skills necessary to work in the building and construction industry. 

School based initiatives

OnTrack provides students with the opportunity to become involved in school wide projects that engage with and give back to the school community. Through these projects, students gain knowledge and learn real world skills that are fundamental in the modern workforce.

Connections beyond the school

Students in the program have the opportunity to engage in work experience from the beginning of Year 10. Our supportive careers staff work with students to establish routine off-site experiences where participants in the program work with local tradesmen. 

Throughout the program, OnTrack students are provided with unique opportunities to immerse themselves in visits to local businesses and speak with industry professionals who visit Erina High School as guest speakers and consultants. 

Giving back to the community through engagement in local community initiatives is critical to the success of the OnTrack program. The value of environmental sustainability is at the core of these connections.