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Technological and applied studies

Studying TAS in NSW

Technological and applied studies (TAS) is mandatory for all students in Year 7 and 8. Students can also select from a range of elective TAS subjects.

In TAS, students use a range of tools, materials and techniques in the design process and technological experiences through theory and practical lessons. As well as the mandatory study of technology, students can select from a range of elective TAS subjects.

The continuum of technology learning is:

  • based on students becoming increasingly sophisticated in their ability to design and produce solutions for authentic needs and opportunities
  • an option for student specialisation in high school through a range of syllabuses addressing particular technologies and aspects of design.

TAS at Erina High

Our Facilities

  • 2 x Woodwork rooms
  • 1 x Metalwork room
  • 1 x Construction Compound
  • 1 x Technical Drawing/Electronics room
  • 3 x Computer Lab spaces
  • 1 x Kitchen
  • 1 x Commercial Kitchen
  • 1 x Textile workspaces
  • 1 x Laser Cutter
  • 2 Class Sets of Microbit
  • 1 Class Set of Sphero's
  • 4 x Lego Mindstorms
  • 1 x Retractable Green Screen
  • 5 x Tripods and 2 x Gimbals
  • 10 x VR Sets and Smartphones
  • Full Adobe Creative Suite 

Equipment Required for TAS Lessons

All practical lessons require students to wear leather enclosed shoes as outlined by the Work Health and Safety guidelines the Department of Education must adhere to

In theory lessons all students are provided work booklets for each semester. All students must have all necessary writing equipment including pens and lead pencils. 

Elective Subjects for ROSA and HSC

For more information about Electives please visit About Our School > Student Handbooks and view the Subject Selection Handbooks.