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Parents & Citizens

Erina High School P&C

At Erina High School, a small group of friendly parents and the principal meet once a month during term time. Our meetings provide information about the programs and events happening at Erina High School. We gain into the personal and academic achievements of the students, but also into the excellent work of the teaching and support staff.

As a group, we have recently discussed issues relating to uniforms and our president has also been involved in the appointment of new teaching staff.

We are not a fundraising committee and are most grateful for the unending support that parents provide through payment of their P&C levies. These funds are used to provide the school with equipment and resources which could otherwise not be acquired from within the school's budget. Since March 2009, Erina High School P & C Association has purchased more than $16 000 worth of items for the various faculties. Such items include a BBQ, an embellishing machine, air extractor, an outdoor construction space, a Shelix cutter block, guitar performance chairs, Social Science DVDs, timber for coffee shop furniture, star pickets and caps, safety bunting, an optical Dumpy level kit, camcorders and a digital camera, some roller blinds and a staff laptop.

Our meetings take place twice a term, during Week 3 and Week 8,  on a Wednesday in the school library and commence at 6.30pm. All parents, citizens and staff are free to join us at our next meeting- new faces will always be very welcome! Membership is $2.

The P&C Executive Committee

The P&C Executive Committee consists of the following dedicated people:

  • President - Michelle Frazer¬†
  • Vice President - Vacant
  • Secretary - Kate Brill
  • Treasurer - Kate Glasson

Meeting Times

The Erina High School P&C Association meets each Term in Week 3 and Week 8 in the school library.