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BYOD frequently asked questions

1. What happens if my child's device is lost or stolen?

Any damage or loss to a device that a student brings to school will be the student's responsibility. The school will not accept responsibility for any loss or damage. Families may choose to consider purchasing insurance and/or extended warranty for the device.

2. Can the device be charged at school?

Learning spaces do not have the capacity to charge devices. Students should make sure their devices are fully charged every day. It is recommended that devices should last 6 hours without being charged.

3. Will there be a place at school for devices to be stored when they are not being used?

When students are not in class their devices should be stored in their bags in a safe place. They should also not leave their bags in places where the device can be easily damaged. The use of a tough case is highly recommended.

4. Will there be an internet filter applied when the device is used at school?

While at school, students will be restricted by the NSW Department of Education's filtered internet service. All social media sites and inappropriate sites are blocked while students are at school.

5. Will I be able to put on my own apps or programs onto my device, other than the ones the school has asked for?

Yes. Parents and students are allowed to install their own apps and programs on their devices. These are at the discretion of parents and students.

6. Do students still have to bring exercise books to school?

Yes. A device is another tool for learning just like all other equipment. Students will still be required to bring exercise books and writing materials in addition to their device.

7. Is technical support available for my child?

A limited amount of technical support is available to students through our TSO (Technical Support Officer) on a Monday and Tuesday including:

- Connection to the school WiFi

- Installation of Dept of Education student software - Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe Creative Cloud

- General advice on computer specifications 

The TSO is unable to provide support for:

- Hardware issues

- Virus infections

- Malware removal

- Loss of data

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