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Masterclass Future Proofing Our Students

Erina High School delivers an innovative Masterclass Program across stage 4 on Tuesday afternoons during period 4 and 5 which provides greater access to resources as year 9 and 10 are engaged in sport. Masterclass aims at creating the productive combination of highly motivated teachers with a highly engaged student. It is this combination that will ensure a student will maximise their development, both intellectually and socially.

With the complex nature of this Century and speed at which advancements are made, it is crucial that students are ’future proofed’ will flexible skills that will maximise their adaptability and ensure their success. EHS Masterclass is aimed at designing pedagogy with a focus on:

  • Developing confidence in maintaining technological currency
  • Maintaining fundamental Literacy and Numeracy standards
  • Ensuring students are digitally literate
  • Developing collaborative and communication skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Importance of teamwork

Teachers deliver a Masterclass by identifying a real world problem, then develop a 10 week unit of work.  Learning is designed to maximise engagement and commence dialogue on the importance of being ‘Future Proof’. 

The EHS Masterclass will develop the capacity of our students throughout Stage 4, in an attempt to provide an embedded foundation for students on how they learn and the capabilities that will maximise their growth. This will promote future success into not only Stage 5 and 6, but to the future beyond school to develop a love of learning.