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NEXUS Program

NEXUS Program

NEXUS is a unique learning program designed and implemented at Erina High School. The program provides Stage 4 students with the opportunity to engage with a range of educational technologies and find connections to real world applications. 

How it works

Students spend a minimum of two hours per fortnight in the NEXUS room exploring innovative technologies and creating products to reflect their understanding of concepts. Aligned to curriculum outcomes, the program is guided by our NEXUS teacher and co-delivered by classroom teachers from English, Maths, HSIE and Science.

Through the use of NEXUS resources, students are provided with opportunities to learn a wide range of skills including:

  • 3D design and print

  • video editing

  • podcasting

  • augmented reality

  • coding and programming

Real World Connections

NEXUS aims to provide students with the opportunity to build their creative and interpersonal skills. Throughout the program, students develop the ability to grasp new ideas quickly and enhance their employability skills such as:

  • problem-solving

  • communication

  • analytics

  • planning & organisation

  • self-management 

  • teamwork

  • decision making

  • self-management

Example NEXUS project